Wise Home Foundation
Old Ways Born Anew!

Welcome to Wise Home Foundation, the website of Valarie Wright, Seiðr scholar and seer.  Here you will find information on Seiðcraft and Druidry, Runes and Galdr, Ogham and Aircheadal, Forn Þreifa and Herbs, Wod and Awen, Útiseta and Spáfarar, Bríocht and Léargas – or all the wild and witchy, perplexing and portentous, dark and dangerous, aspects that empower self-expression.  For longer than three decades, I have researched the sacred and sinister folkways of pre-Christian Old Europe; discovering and working through and with Seiðr and Druidry, Wicce and Vědma, Shamanism and Sādhus, energetic healing, personal rites of passage, and community rituals.

The Wise Home mission is for the preservation of Old European Sacred and Magic culture, traditions, and practices, through both academic study and grassroots networking.  The Wise Home path is one of Frith (“free from conflict; safety”), to better honor the artistic, spiritual, and cooperative cultural lineages that call to be awakened today. Seiðr – as but one example, and akin to Druidry and Traditional Witchcraft – is a “sacred; soul” craft, which means it honors all that is good / God in those who have been called on to don this mantle – to awaken anew the Old Ways.

We are a kinship of like-spirited people dedicated to researching and applying the spiritual folkways of our ancestors, to personally experience creative nature within ourselves and the world around us. In learning the wisdom-ways of yore, we are able to understand and focus the deep yearning within, so that:
-in reading the old tales, we become Bards, Folklorists, and story-tellers,
-by singing the traditional Galdrs, chants and Joiks, we become poets and Enchanters,
-in healing our self, we become Healers of Herb, Hand, and Stone,
-through Spá and Léargas we acquire situational- or hyper-awareness,
-by studying Runes, Ogham, and Glagolic, we become Diviners and Seers,
-by researching the history, we become wisdom-keepers and Lawspeakers,
-through physical conditioning, we establish the inner abode of Wod within,
-when Útiseta, we hear the Other Voices, and grow in that knowledge, and
-by cultivating inner wisdom, we become a receptacle of the Old Ways Born Anew!

“What more would you know? What do you seek to Know?”

If you seek to learn and grow in Seiðr or Witchcraft, the Cunningways or Vanatru, Wiccecraeft or Trolldom, Hedgewitchery or Berserkergang, Northern Shamanism or Koldovstvo, then this is your INVITATION to Wise Home.

Membership at Wise Home is about value content. Here you will find insight and intuition, trust and communication, relevant content and indepth discussion; versus having our innermost thoughts open to outsiders. What we do is exclusive, so our conversation should be as well. The Wyrd Ways of Seidr and Witchcraft are not open for public debate, nor are the delicate early stages of ideas ~ that require nurturance over hinderance.

Seiðr . Sídhe . Saitas . Seita . Sādh . Šamán . Shaman . Sorcery . Seer


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