₸he ₸ides

‘Sonnenwende’, Original Seidr Art, V. Wright

The Tides are Awe-some, brimming with tradition and history across the Indo-European heritage-scape. Beyond seasonal fluxes, The Tides determine one’s destiny.  They are days of might and prayer*, to pierce one’s way to Hoher Muot. (*From PIE *prek- “to ask, entreat”).  Even in a cultural diaspora, The Tides remain to evoke a sense of awe and Seidr.

Yet, too few recognize The Tides, let alone as awesome, holy or even memorable.  How many are actually engaged enough withIN them to be truly transformed.  Not simply inspired for a moment, but actually transformed.

Hosting many moots over the decades, attending other such celebrations, speaking with hundreds of individuals from different pursuasions throughout my journey, I have heard from many that, the celebratory sensation wanes quickly.

I am unable to convey the number of individuals who have related their frustration from not being able to make a sustained connection in their search for insight and inspiration.  Instead, they feel a sense of repetitiveness, of an unrelatable and superficial interaction that lacks long-term and meaningful warmth, let alone sustained spirituality.

If one’s faith has prove The Tides.  Which is nothing less than the Wheel’s Turning.

Even among those who have positive experiences, the full grasp of understanding, of significance, of the foundational application – of how to actually apply the Tidal surge into one’s daily life – is what leads to not finding the personal and spiritual relevance.

Sadly, there are even so-called Seidfolk who are not fluent in The Tides, let alone well-versed in the Thews and customs, the deep minded meanings and prayers that constitute the finer aspects of The Tides.  Too busy they are in ‘witchery’ and other externalizations.  The Eddas and Sagas, and even Beyond them, must be made new every day.  Mechanical worship is an insult to the Altmag, Tivar, and Jotnar.

One must strive to excavate the gifts left to them, for there exist many who delve deep into the study and application of these Tides, to the full immersion of them, to emerge, in every Turning, as renewed.  Even those who relate to The Tides on a simplist level are able to demonstrate the blithe character by their sheer dedication and determination.  For all: Work towards opening the Dag to truly discern the Will to Become.

Yet, such determined folk are a minority.  The majority does not find much relevance other than topically.  This results in the inevitable decline of adherents, leaving room for chest-thumpers, bigots, and uneducated loudmouths. 

The Havamal (as but one example), makes a clear distinction between “High Mind”, “Middle-wise” and “Unwise”.  The former is described as: ‘greatness of mind’, ‘high mind’, ‘mindfulness’, ‘calmness of mind’, ‘strong clasping mind’, ‘wisest of minds’, ‘nimble minded’, and ‘good minded’.  While the latter as: ‘peasant-minded’, ‘grasping mind’, ‘wretched mind’, ‘small minded’, ‘gaping fool’, ‘greedy mind’, and ‘foolish mind’.

In short: too many focus on being a ‘warrior’ or ‘witch’ to see the Wisdom Traditions right before them.

If one finds more solace in general Paganism or Buddhism, then they have lost the true meaning of what resides in their own ‘backyard’.  Little wonder then that so many both look for inspiration elsewhere and insert practices not inherent to their own Wisdom Teachings.

As such, the tragedy is that the Indo-European Folkway does offer a sophisticated and relevant blueprint for our lives; but the majority would rather look elsewhere than engage in genuine research and study.  This template leaves one – especially new folk – with only a nostalgic component, which begins and maintains a mechancistic habit.

This is why I do what I do: Research and Study The Lore for all-things Seidr.  And there are plenty!  For those few souls looking to rejuvenate their self to better connect to Self, to discover or perhaps re-discover the transformative resonance of profound and sophisticated, psycho-spiritual applications, then know, there are a few who work diligently to keep this flame burning.

All my essays and books are hands-on companion guides to The Lore.  They aim to revitalize and invigorate The Tides for the affiliated and non-affiliated, the initiated and uninitiated alike.  For me, this has been the roadmap of my journey, the template that has opened my heart and mind to the endless gifts of Much-Knowing, and the transcendent experience of each Tide as it ebbs and flows withIN my very Being and Becoming.  The more I research and study the more I am astounded by the eloquent beauty and complexity of Thew for us all.

~ ~ ~

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