§eidr & ℭovid-19, ♇art 2

Hello.  I’m Valarie, #Vinlands Volva, here with my 2d chat about Seidr & Covid-19.  For the first part, visit here .. 

The central organizational pattern for Heathenry – for all Pagans – is fellowship.

A practice that has been temporarily suspended.

In that one either adapts or dies, many have taken to virtual fellowship via zoom or skype.

In many areas, there has been an abrupt cessation of in-person fellowship, making virtual fellowship a new concept.

Many religious leaders worldwide have begun broadcasting their messages to their congregations through virtual means.  Which is, actually, nothing new: after all, the word ‘televangelist’ was coined during the 1920s when Evangelicals began broadcasting their messages via the radio.

So, the current virtual fellowship – though relatively new – is but the latest manifestation of an older idea.   What IS new is that there are no in-person gatherings to supplement the online gatherings.

My question, as #Volva, then becomes: ‘How will this new-normal impact our lives after the social distancing protocols have been removed?

I am sure most of you will agree that virtual fellowship is a complement to, not a replacement of, in-person fellowship.

According to data from Pew Research, 4 in 10 religious congregates have replaced in-person attendance with virtual fellowship.  And another Pew Research report, following the traumatic events of 9/11, found “little evidence that many Americans who were not actively religious prior to the attacks have turned to religion in the wake of the crisis.”

As a #Seidwoman, my role in all this is, and remains:

-Healer via Forn Thriefa,

-Spae via Rede or counseling,

-Rites via Blot and Fain,

-Officiant at life-cycle events,

-Lawspeaker via researcher of cultural lore and thew,

-Educator via transmission of historical and contemporary knowledge and wisdom, and

-Flow via the circulation of streaming energy.

Being Oathed to #HoherMuot and the Folkway, my role as #Seidbearer – literally, ‘bearer of Seidr’ – is one who leads, advises and educates.


Returning to the current situation, there will be no long-term impact on my personal Seidr; but what I have experienced thus far is that some have become more mindful of their Folkway, being more cognizant of their mortality and life’s precious essence.

Certainly, it appears that this virus has caused to surface several aspects of life that may have either not been there at all, or just below the surface.  Specifically, through five aspects of life:

-nutrition and fitness,

-personal relationships and mental health, and

-Frith and Faith.

In a random survey by Gallop, based on these five aspects of life, most Americans acknowledged that their faith had “gotten better”.  Conversely, they also acknowledged that their personal relationships and mental health, Nutrition and Fitness, had “gotten worse”.

In that Seidr is the indwelling vital principle of All Things, these findings make since to me.  However, as a Volva, I must caution the importance of physical wellbeing.

As holistic beings – having Three Threads of Being: body, mind and soul – the body aspect here, namely Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and Martial Art, should not be ignored.  No less than the mind aspects of Utiseta, Study of Sacred Texts, and Fellowship.

One of the traditional roles of the Seidbearer – then of yore, now today – is to strive to present a positive and integrative, pro-social and reciprocal function in chaotic situations.  After all, Seidr – as a spirit-craft – is deeply rooted in confronting turmoil for solutions that better hearth and tribe.

To my knowledge, few Seidbearers are proactively aiding the Folkway during this time.  For those who are, they clearly understand that #TrueSeidfolk are Oathed to weave in and for hearth and tribe, providing the same with a significant stabilizing force.

I think most can agree that there is a strong thread between personal faith and overall wellbeing.  Which is why, as a Volva, I feel it important to let you know that: Your sustained personal faith – during this time – may have an extended ripple of wellbeing for your hearth, tribe, and Folkway.

Finally, the #coronavirus may be the greatest religious story of our lifetime.  After all, each of us are confronted with actual life and death choices about, not just our own wellbeing, but how our Deeds may impact the greater community in which we live.

So whether one sees themselves as believing or not believing – either faith or science or a combination of both – none of us are able to avoid our Deeds, and so be engaged by and with, Seidr and the ethics of this pandemic.

Would You Know More, and What?

~ ~ ~


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