VVhat Ɨs §eiðr?

Forn Threifa Uber Mensch

How would you like to see the Threads that connect All That Lives?

How would you like to follow one of those Threads to its Past or Future?

How would you like to look upon a Rune and see its vibrant pulse?

How would you like to be self-possessed and in control?

Perhaps you do this now, or sense it, like a shadow never quite in focus.
Perhaps you long to be more active in your endeavors instead of passively
striving on the peripheral edge. Perhaps you know that spiritual awakening is there,
ready for you to grasp, to live fully, and be transformed by, yet ..
it lingers as a dream that quickly fades at first light.

Seiðr is the sacred world, the spirit realm, the ephemeral places found in
Old European mythology. It is a worldview that encapsulates the Past, Future,
and Present that confirms that ‘other’ and ‘real’ are mere words that work only
to describe what can not be comprehended except by those who have either
touched lightly There, or walk There routinely.for

Many have sought the hidden secrets of Seiðr, first, by understanding its word-origin;
so that, over the years, the layers of definition have created only confusion.
Some say it is ‘magic’ or ‘sorcery’, and others say it is ‘cord, bind, snare’.
But these attempts come from those who do not enter into Seiðr,
using it as a spiritual lifeway.

When reading the many references to Seiðr in Old European lore,
it becomes clear that the word is used to mean any number of things, such as:
prophecy and divination,
shape-shifting and dream-weaving,
magic and mayhem,
fate and free will,
ancient wisdom and secrets,
ritual and sacrifice,
healing and hexing,
chanting and weaving,
sitting-out and flying-forth,
talismans and runes,
Elves and Nornir,
Tivar and Gygjar,
luck and law,
learning and study.

My approach for the last three and a half decades, has been to do these things –
but moreso, to reclaim my right as a strong woman. And on that journey,
have discovered that, Seiðr – as the middle ground between Shamanism and Witchcraft –
is the wild power not legitimized by authority.
Seiðr is Wyrd Consciousness – the inner power of Fate, used to serve the needs of women,
and by extension, those we care for.

If you dare to revisit the Past, in an effort to effect the Present, to change the Future,
then join me at Wise Home. If you are willing to touch your inner source of power –
that no one can take away – then I await you at the kitchen table.
If you are ready to open to the nebulous and mystical, then the hearth fire is warm,
the tea and scones are waiting, and the Lattice of Nine Spaces is here for you.

Your INVITATION to join us ..

 peorth vril

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