ℭoming §oon ..


One is filled with admiration, on penetrating the Sanctuary of §eiðr,

at seeing a Wyrd Way so ancient, so sinister, and absolute.

The union of ideas and runes,

the consecration of the fundamental primitive reality;

a Trinity of Words, Letters, and Numbers;

a worldview simple as galdr, profound and infinite as Wyrd;

theorems complete and luminous, from Angaboda;

a nature-ology summed up by counting on one’s breath;

an Infinite which can be held in the hollow of bird’s heart;

unknown ciphers and swirling letters, a stone, a spiral, and a circle –

these are the elements of §eiðr.

These are the elementary principles of the Wyrd writ,

a reflection of that spoken Void that toned All Worlds!

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