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Being is Exultation of Self.

When a human develops Self,
they rise above petty mundanality,
causing them to stand alone.
This loneliness may cause them to flounder or fail,
which is why the strength derived
from a daily practice is invaluable
– because it keeps them in touch with their inherent Spirit.

In an age where commitment to any one philosophy
or doctrine is devalued,
the true revolution begins with adherence to Self.
Making That an act of Defiant Self.
Mediocrity is transient and varied, not so Essential Nature.

Being Self is for those individuals whose
strength of belief, value, and vision enables them to
pursue their aims with a single-mindedness of purpose
that overcomes every barrier, blockage, or knot.
This journey requires the revelation of one’s bitterest beliefs
– without compromise or acceding to
the ways of entangling impressions.

Being Self advocates one ‘go with the flow’,
but this is not the stream of laziness,
conformity or ignorance seen in the shallows.
This is not immersion in maya,
but the rushing surge and embrace of
rapid change and transformation.

Being Self begins and remains with the primacy of Self,
even ‘against the world’.
After all, Being seeks but one path: To Be That.
It has never been and will never be
simply a matter of accruing a ‘yogic image’ or
‘sacred image’ or ‘Christian image’ or some other
outwardly vicarious appearance;
but that which rises organically or not at all.

Being Self is a decision which is taken at a fairly early stage of life,
and which endures beyond all ephemeral changes.

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