seid wolf symbol
Seiðr is one fundamental thing: Beyond.
Seiðr is a way to presence acausal forces, so that a Seiðu is an insightful individual who directs those forces in the real world via appropriate causal forms.
Seiðr is not ‘paganism’, so cannot be co-joined / merged with an existing pagan form. Such deeds are for the mundane mind, the ordinary individual. Nor is Seiðr an adoptive with a cultural weltanschauung and its subsequent ‘laws’ and thews, but something autonomously elusive.
Seiðr is singularly genuine. It is true Mystery itself.
Seiðr is a living, thriving expression of what lies beyond ordinary understanding. It is true to say that these individuals are born, not made; for they possess, a Wyrd of Being that is natural, never pretending to be something else.
For outsiders – Asatruers, Heathens, Wiccans, and Mundaners – Seiðr is unsettling because it is both undefinable and that which surpasses even the gods.
To be a Völva or Vitki requires exeagis, and that is viewed as ‘arrogant’ by those who dwell safely within the confines of their hedged walls. You see, the Seiðu moves without the formation of experience, walking through and past rational thought and self-awareness. They are capable of exerting control over individuals because such beings are unconscious and thrallish and deserve to be trod upon.
The Seiðu lives via their own hard-earned knowledge; not that they are infallible, but prepared to learn from their mistakes to unflinchingly refine what is Seiðr. They cannot be bothered with witchcraft or sorcery that has reached its evolutionary end; for Seiðr is a restless urge to walk the wild path of undiscovered chaos.
So few who claim this course ever grasp this course. The Völva in Völuspá defied Wodan, mocked him even, for she Knew more than he. He was bound by the laws of his own hand, and when he sought to break free from them, was reigned in. Seeking the Völva’s Knowing was his last option before being able to finally breakfree (hence the true nature of his sacrifice).
Because those who seek cannot find answers, they seek existing and dead models to tack-on Seiðr, as if these lame attempts will revive it. They only muddy the waters. Seiðr is beyond definition, beyond establishment. When one is ready to defy convention then Seiðr will find them.

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