Turned into one of THOSE days …


Started out a lovely cool, if not breezy morning with my ❤ …

We had a good 5k.

Back home, he worked on the basement and
I put my books in the new bookcase.

Then, a name not seen or thought about, sent me a message.
A ‘name’, because the person I knew then ..
but wisp of memory,
the person now .. I do not know.

Sadness ensured.

Not because of the contact.
That was pleasant ..
and casual ..
and generic ..
and for that, I am thankful.

Sadness because of what has transpired in my life.
Of what has been lost.

Memories of pain stirred always bring fresh pain.

::Sigh:: This too shall pass ..

Now Im drinking a dark red, listening to soft country,
watching my ❤ in the garden, and feel whole ..
and good ..
and in the next breath ..
the very next breath ..
that tear will dry ..
and that headache will subside a little more.

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